Implementing SD-IX in Your Infrastructure

    Software-Defined Interconnect (SD-IX) gives colocation providers the ability to manage their network interconnections through software, so they can extend their connectivity control and to maintain the long term viability of the colocation business model.

    No two providers have the same footprint, but popular use cases for SD-IX include hyperscale cloud connect, data center to data center interconnect and virtual cross-connects.

    Hyperscale Cloud Interconnect

    According to 451 research, enterprises today are using an average of 4.7 clouds, including public hyperscale clouds and cloud-based platforms like CRM. This new consumption model has introduced an entirely new set of management challenges and risks for colocation providers. 

    Many providers are finding that they do not have the development skills to route and manage these deployments dynamically while others are not sure how to optimize existing direct connect links, network provider links or high-bandwidth internet. 

    SD-IX gives colocation providers the ability to dynamically manage tenant traffic to hyperscalers over existing links while providing valuable Layer 3+ intelligence, security and automation so providers can deliver a more robust offering to tenants.

    Data Center to Data Center Interconnect

    Colocation providers understand the challenges of connecting both on and off network data centers. Not only can challenges connecting facilities lead to stranded inventory with data centers at low utilization, they can also lead to hurdles in the sales process. 

    SD-IX allows colocation providers to create highly secure, automated and intellegent  connectivity between data centers, without deploying individual network appliances at each location or for each tenants. Instead, providers deploy a single solution that can connect on and off network sites through a natively-multitenant system.

    In doing so, providers can sell multi-site bundles and increase footprint revenue of historically difficult to market sites. 

    Virtual Cross-Connects 

    While many colocation providers are comfortable running physical cross-connects from tenant cages to meet me rooms, as traffic becomes more dynamic and dispersed, the complexity for managing these connections at scale is becoming an operational burden. 

    SD-IX allows for the deployment and management of these connections to be fully virtualized and automated. In doing so, providers can increase speed of delivery while decreasing the management overhead required. 

    Further, these connections can gain new levels of intelligence, opening up new monitoring, troubleshooting and revenue capabilities for providers. 

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