Colocation providers need to re-think their connectivity strategy. 


As workloads are decentralized, colocation providers need to position themselves to be the hub for tenant traffic.

SD-IX gives colocation providers the ability to think beyond space and power to unlock the true value of their connectivity assets through streamlined deployments of Layer 3+ network applications. 

By thinking beyond network appliances, SD-IX gives users the ability to add valuable functionality to their networks without introducing traditional management costs and challenges. 

Protect Strategic Revenue

Optimize existing network assets through software-defined intelligence and functionality while protecting from third-party vendors positioning to offer substitute network services. 

Extend Connectivity Control 

Deliver, control and monetize interconnection to hyperscale clouds and other data centers so you can bolster data center asset competitive strength and bookings.

Streamline Internal Operations

Deploy intelligent, consolidated and secure network connectivity for simplified deployment, management, operations, troubleshooting and debugging. 

SD-IX gives colocation providers unprecedented control without increasing overhead. 

Interconnection Points


While SD-WAN has been focused on building endpoint to endpoint networks, and SDN has been focused on intra-data center traffic management and orchestration, SD-IX is focused on providing intelligence and functionality through layer 3+ network services at interconnect points. 

This gives users complete control over routing, switching, security and security of every connection and endpoint in real time without deploying individual network appliances for each tenant or burdensome orchestration and management layers.