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With the rise of hyperscale cloud providers, the emergence of multi hybrid-cloud strategies and a decentralization of workloads, colocation providers need to optimize their existing network assets for new use cases.

Software-Defined Interconnect (SD-IX) makes this possible. 

Why SD-IX?

New cloud models are creating risks for colocation providers

Hyperscale public cloud players, multi hybrid-cloud deployments and the decentralization of applications, compute and data to the edge, have caused traditional data center connectivity to become more complicated and yet more critical than ever. Colocation providers, which have long benefitted from offering cross-connects, IP services and Layer 2 WAN connectivity are at risk of falling behind market demands.

The colocation providers that do not provide and support new use cases including multi-cloud connectivity and advanced Layer 3+ network solutions risk the long-term viability of their business models.

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Be the network connectivity hub with SD-IX

Software-Defined Interconnect (SD-IX) bridges the gap between colocation providers’ business capabilities and the rapidly changing operating environment. 

SD-IX gives providers the ability to dynamically deliver routing, security and automation services to network interconnection points through software. Not only does this extend the connectivity line of business well outside a single physical data center, it also allows providers to maintain the long-term viability of their business models. 

Why SD-IX?

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